Welcome to the Heart of the World

It’s hard not to marvel at Panama. A country that not only connects two continents but also two oceans, and has witnessed and played a central role in historical events that have changed the course of humanity. “Panama between Seas” aims to be a haven where the stories and cultures that have woven the rich tapestry of this nation are told and discovered.

The Isthmus that Changed World Trade

Long before the famous Panama Canal was excavated, this narrow yet significant piece of land was already influencing the routes and dreams of explorers and traders. Its strategic position made Panama a point of interest for both pre-Columbian civilizations and European empires seeking a quick route to the riches of the East.

The Dance of Cultures

But Panama is not just geography and history. It’s a melting pot where indigenous, European, and African cultures blend, creating a unique mosaic of traditions, foods, music, and festivals. From the molas of the Guna Yala to the Carnival celebrations, every corner of Panama has a story to tell.

Towards the Future, Without Forgetting the Past

Beyond its history, Panama City is also a modern urban center. Skyscrapers like the Trump Ocean Club and the F&F Tower dominate the skyline. Areas like Punta Pacifica and Obarrio are filled with restaurants, bars, and shops offering the latest in fashion and gastronomy.

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